Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Dec. 22 Slug
Session 30

Dec. 22- Battle at the Hunting Lodge

Dec. 15 Slug
Session 29

Dec. 15- Get the book, Bullywug and Lizardfolk battle, Portal, Langdegrosa

Dec. 8 Slug
Session 28

Dec. 8- Battle with the will o wisp and bush in the swamp

Level 3 Spells Are Bullshit
Session 27

Women are late to everything. Last we left our party, the guys were waiting on the ladies once again. Irel and Azrael decided to “freshen up” in the one body of water they found in the castle. This time, it turned out that this body of water had a tentacle porn monster swimming in it. Irel pulled a David Carradine with that creature before the guys nagged them into finishing their swim at a later time.

A rest was needed after that. The crew found an abandoned room and relaxed (while they tried staying away from the stinkier members of the party). When Rezmir and Dralmorrer Borngray began speaking outside the door, the heroes readied for battle. Azreal turned Jameth invisible and he followed Rezmir to the Hunting Lodge (through the portal). The rest of the group decided to explore.

They saved a young Tiamat cultist named Luc, and faced off against Borngray. That fight was a trial in and of itself. Both Azrael and Artifax fell in the fight, but the victory went to the good guys thanks to the strong arms of Krusk and Irel.

Right before dusk, the group wandered into Rezmir’s room. Between that room and Borngray’s many magic items and insider cult information was found. The group now had the password to make the portal to the Hunting Lodge work. Of course it wouldn’t have been a successful looting session if Irel had not injured herself with a chest trap.

The characters rested quickly once night set in and prepared for the approaching lizardfolk assault on the bullywugs. Afterward, the heroes will escort Azrael to her destiny. She has a list, and is going to check it twice. For in Fearun Santa has a pet imp, and if you have been naughty, she will stick an eldridge blast up your ass and laugh.

Nov. 24th Slug
Session 26

Nov. 24th- Battle with the lizardfolk and magic user who shocked Jameth, met snap jaw

Nov. 17 Slug
Session 25

Nov. 17th- last battle at the road house

Death Hangover
Episode 4, Session 24

Life is full of lessons. Here is an example: Short people have robust livers. Whether you, as readers, benefit from my vast wisdom is up to you, but life is a sandbox where I love to learn and play.

Here are some things I have learned recently:

1. When it comes to drinking games- Show no mercy!
2. Bored elves see about as well as I do 23 beers in. Darkvision my ass!
3. When lizard folk sneak up on you in your sleep, be sure you have a paladin spooning you.
4. Don’t piss off witches.
5. (And this one is prophetic…) It doesn’t matter how many times you heal a mafia type. If you shoot a mafiosa, you might as well make sure no one hears about it.
6. If a random person shows up in your life who has little apparent value, and they manage to stay alive, there is probably a reason.
7. Not all food is poisoned (but let someone test it first).
8. Sometimes swampy logs are really alligators, and swampy bubbles are NOT farts.
9. Beware of lightning if you surround yourself in metal.
10. Dying sucks, long after you die.

Stay tuned to this journal for more pithy sayings.

I'm Gonna Need Him Dead...
Episode 4, Session 23

It did not take long once we arrived at the Carnath Roadhouse for Artifax to get back to his old self. Before we knew it we were in the bar and Artifax had challenged the Captain of the Guard, Andred Briferhew, to a drinking contest. I’ve never seen that little guy lose a drinking contest to anyone, and I did not expect this guard to be any different. After a few rounds it was pretty apparent Artifax was drinking this guy under the table, when he noticed some of the other guards enjoying Andred’s downfall a little too much. Being the kindred spirit he is, Artifax took a dive. He let Andred “win” and save face with his men, in hopes of gaining his favor for when we inevitably did something stupid later.

After the contest was over and everyone went their separate ways, we noticed all of the guards were milling around. Except this one lonesome guard, standing at attention near a large door we knew led to a storage area. Irel decided to she needed to investigate. Thanks to the masterful performance of Artifax on the Lute, Irel successfully snuck back upstairs with Azrael, who had disguised herself as Wump. Because who would suspect that guy of being up to no good? Once they were back up in the bar, Irel used her short sword to raise a few planks from the floor to slip down in to the storage room below. As an additional precaution Azrael cast Invisibility on Irel as she lowered herself down to the floor below. Once in the room, Irel was able to peer under the inner door and make out a few figures moving crates around.

While all of this is going on Jameth and I are hanging out in the room. Since neither of us are especially stealthy or talented at being a distraction, we decided to arm wrestle. It was like taking candy from a baby. I almost felt bad for the guy.

Anyway, back to Irel. She decides to cast Fog Cloud in the room to draw out whoever is inside the room. A few Lizard folk run out and the commotion draws the attention of a few guards and Bog Luck. Artifax is forced to stop playing the lute, and he heads upstairs to watch over the scene below.

Once he is upstairs a shady guy sneaks up behind him and says “This is for Luke” before shanking him in the back and tossing him over the railing. The sound of Artifax crashing to the floor drew Jameth and I out of the room, just in time to see Milach leap down after him before being restrained by a few guards. This outburst also drew the attention of Bog Luck who came out to investigate. Milach revealed himself as part of the cult and told us he was seeking revenge for his friend Luke who Jamna had killed before she escaped. He then demanded a trial by combat, and I got a little tingle in my Warhammer. It had been a while since I had been in a good fight, and I was ready for that to change. Milach got in a few good shots before I removed his torso from his legs, and that was the end of that.

After the trial, Artifax and Jameth met with Andred to enlighten him on who exactly he was dealing with in Bog Luck. He didn’t seem phased by what he was told. Instead his loyalty seemed to side with whoever paid him the most. When we told him about the gold that was stashed in the warehouse, he decided to side with us and keep everyone away while we had our final showdown with Bog Luck.
The next morning we corned Bog Luck in the storage room. Before the fight began, he noticed the branding on Azrael’s forearm and said she would soon be dead like the rest of her family. He nearly succeeded in this, but Azrael was able to teleport away to safety. The fight was over fairly quickly, as Bog Luck was completely overwhelmed. Although something unexpected happened during the fight. It was almost as if Bog Luck was possessed, but I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. At one point Azrael commanded Bog Luck to grovel, but only his head turned to face her. Even with this creepy turn of events we all walked away from the fight relatively unscathed for once.
Azrael was finally able to scratch another name off of her father’s mysterious list of names.

Ugh... It's Been A Long Day
Episode 4, Session 22

Azrael carries her bag and a pint of ale to an empty table in the far back corner of the bar. She pulls a stack of parchment out and begins to write, huffing between sips of ale.

… The day started out well, I suppose. We visited a priest who helped us to identify the rod I now carry. Hopefully I will not become as attached to it as Jameth seems to be to his halberd… Am I the only one who has noticed this strange behavior?

After we left the temple, we headed out toward Waterdeep and tried to catch up with the caravan. At one point, we heard rustling in a large patch of shrubbery and decided we should look into it. I offered to use telekinesis to rustle the leaves and see if maybe it might spook whatever is in there to come out, but of course, Irel decided she would rather just shoot at the bush. Jamna was in the bush… Irel’s arrow hit her in the shoulder and that ended up getting pretty infected. She’s up in the room resting now. I cannot say I remember why she said she was in the bush to begin with. She mentioned to us earlier though that she was caught by the cultists while she was snooping around and she killed one of them. She also said now they are under the impression that she is with our group… Fantastic.

We attempted to continue our journey to Waterdeep, but were slowed down when we came across a group of lizardfolk selling humans. We did not agree with the idea of people selling humans, but I did feel that they were only trying to make a living. At least, that is how it seemed at first. Either way, Irel decided to shoot one of them… of course, so it did not matter. We later found out from the now free humans that the lizardfolk were taking them to a black dragon to be sacrificed. Its name escapes me at the moment.

“ When you’ve bled Daggerford dry, send your cache to the
Carnath Roadhouse and turn it over to Bog Luck.”
- Rezmir

I cannot remember what brought up the note that we found on Toothless Reuben, but Carnath Roadhouse was on our way and we decided to stop by. The names “Bog Luck” and “Rezmir” are on my father’s list… They are the last two after that Frulam woman and I want to see that they meet their end just as she did.

Upon arriving at the inn, we were greeted in the front room. Someone was telling us about the place, but to be honest I was lost in thought and looking around rather than paying attention. I happened to notice a man on the balcony for a moment. He did not look happy to see us, but I didn’t recognize him from anywhere. Perhaps we can confront him later.

Also, it should be noted that that “Bog Luck” man gave me an odd look when I first met him. The name meant next to nothing until just a moment ago, but his face… I remember it. I remember that he was there when my mother had my father carve Teivel’s name into my arm. How could I have forgotten that someone else was in the room that night?…

I hope I did not show any recognition on my face and give anything away. I don’t feel I should be alone here. It isn’t safe. Especially considering how many of his guards he has roaming the halls. I think I’ll stay near the half-orc, paladin, and fire happy wizard for as long as I can while we’re here. Artifax and Jameth are already 4 pints in each and are telling the guards all about Artifax’s last drunken night that ended with a block of Baulder’s Gate burnt to a crisp. It is fine with me that at least the last two have a habit of being rowdy. I don’t think I’ll be able to get much sleep tonight anyway.

That's A Nice Rod

The group was on the search for a bandit named Toothless Reuben and they found their selves in a cove with tons of bandits and archers. It took some real strategy to keep their distance while still disposing of the foes. There was only one issue, we couldn’t see Toothless Reuben anywhere, he was hidden somewhere and if he found one of us before we found him, things could go badly.

Azrael and Jameth were hiding together and taking things slow until Jameth met the ground, a familiar place for the cocky paladin. Thank the gods for Flint Magnusson for his mass healing spell because everyone was starting to need the energy to continue this assault. Oriander was stealthing from bush to bush and taking her slashes on the enemies when they were close. She was looking for Toothless but his ability to stealth was better than what she expected, she ran into a bush and was looking around and out of nowhere out of the darkness, there he was Toothless slashing away.

After some help from the new friends Flint, Oriander, and Ser Llanfair the fraction of the group in this fight ended victoriously and with heavy pockets full of loot. The most interesting thing the group found in the cove was an unidentified rod that Azrael was drawn to. That girl is strange, she always feels drawn to things and nobody knows why, she is so mysterious and odd. The group ventured back to meet with Krusk, Irel, and Artifax to complete this quest so that they can catch up to the caravan. When they returned, Krusk and Irel just looked at each other and grinned because on this day, nobody died….


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