Hoard of the Dragon Queen

We Came. We Saw. We Sploded.

Episode 1, Session 2

Kursk, Írel, and Artifax can’t help themselves. Greenest, a town that none of them have any connection to, was under attack. Governor Tarbaw Nighthill asked the adventurers for their help, and it seems that underneath their pounds of muscle, hair, and attitude lie hearts the size of Krusks feet.

First our heroes freed countless citizens at a chapel that was under siege from dragon cultists. The group figured out how to separate the enemies so that they could clear the entrance to the chapel and allow the people to return to the main city keep. The battle involved neck yanking and ball-splitting action. Artifax was knocked unconscious, but the Governor’s healers were able to bring him back.

Next, the group was asked to reinforce the outer wall of the keep, which had been breeched. To do this, the group used a combination of illusion and brute force. While Írel spent a good portion of the day trying to protect Krusk and Artifax, the dynamic duo continued to put themselves in harms way. In order to destroy an invading group of cultists, Artifax asked Krusk to drop a barrel of oil onto the attackers. Artifax promptly shot a Fire Bolt at the barrel and a large explosion took out all but two. Artifax was blown back into Írel’s arms, once again unconscious (with a smile on his face). He was once again revived after that battle.

The third trial of the day came when a dragon type creature named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath and his men had kidnapped the family of one of the sergeants. Langdedrosa wanted a one on one battle. Kursk agreed to fill this roll and was quickly knocked unconscious himself. With the family freed, Langdedrosa bowed to Krusk’s body and retreated. Krusk was revived and honored by the Governor and the group rested.


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