Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Where's the Nearest Brothel?

Episode 2, Session 3

After a long needed rest in the keep, our fellowship of heroes proceeded out into the yard of the keep to what seemed like the biggest party in Greenest history. Everyone was partying like it was the end of world, and for some of them, it seemed as if there was a chance of that happening the previous night. Governor Tarbaw Nighthill approached Írel, Artifax, and Krusk to ask for a favor of great magnitude, he wanted the group to proceed to the camp of the Dragon Cult to scout the place for any activity, Nesim also had a favor to ask, he wanted them to look for and save a residential monk named Leosin Erlanthar if we came across him. Aritfax replied, “Are you fucking kidding me? Can’t we just stay here, find a brothel, and relax for a few days?” Írel was not amused by the response of the piggish gnome, but all three of them decided they needed to do this for the people of Greenest and for their quest against the Dragon Cult. The governor then mentioned that he would give them 250 gold for the quest if they completed it and will pay even more if they can recover some of the stolen property. Krusks’ ears perk up at the sound of gold, the bounty hunter is coming out of him and he can’t resist it, he starts gearing up with his shiny new great axe, and he slung his shield over on his back to get ready for the journey. Krusk says, “Hey aren’t you two ready yet? Didn’t you hear all the chedda they are gonna give us once we are back? The sooner we leave the sooner we can get back to that gooold!”
They group headed out the next morning, shortly after leaving they came up on a camp of cultists and kobolds. Írel stealthily moved up without making a sound to get a better look at the camp, she motioned for Krusk and Artifax to come closer to look. They planned an attack to ambush the group and secure their weapons for an easy overtaking. Írel then noticed a couple huge boulders that looked like… well never mind… and with her half orc friend Krusk, this might turn out to be pretty damn interesting. Krusk slowly walked over behind the rocks and as Írel and Artifax jumped down to secure the weapons, well I’m sure you can imagine how this went. The rocks came tumbling down taking out almost all of the cultists, Krusk looks over the edge to watch the rocks crush the enemy. Írel and Artifax kind of giggle at the sight of these huge boulders crashing into the enemy. The kobolds run away and we interrogate the last cultist which is still smoking from the fireball that scorched all of this hair off, thanks to Artifax. After interrogation they find out that there is a trap up ahead that if they don’t avoid, it could be the end for them.
After some adjustments to their approach, the group managed to evade the ambush choke point and come upon the camp of the Dragon Cult. Against their typical decision making of just wrecking anything they come across, this had to be handled differently. In a valley with only one easy way in and out, surrounded with 150 foot natural walls and over a thousand total kobolds, mercenaries, cultists, and more, the group decided to waltz right in and talk their way to glory. Prior to heading in to the camp, they got their story together in case they were approached, which they were and they slyly talked their way in and undetected. They also received some info on where to get some cultist uniforms which made it infinitely easier to keep their true identities hidden, except for Artifax, he kept tripping over his robes because they weren’t made for gnomes. Soon after they were instructed to take the prisoners to do their daily duties, Artifax was sent with one prisoner to clean up drake dung from the pen, which he hit on…. big surprise, and Krusk and Írel was instructed to go help with the preparing of the camps meal for the night and after delivering it into a mysterious cave at the back of the camp. They were carrying it and just about to enter as they noticed a person tied to a stake in the ground, it was the monk, Leosin. They acted natural and went on toward the cave only to be stopped and instructed to hand the food off to the guards.
The group congregated shortly after around Leosin who was near death, he gave the group some information but they knew he was holding back and that they needed to spring him of his bounds. Langdedrosa then comes walking out of the main tent towards the cave which is right beside the stake that Leosin is tied to. Krusk immediately drowns in this feeling of fear and defeat, almost scared, which is not a feeling felt by him often. They know they need to get Leosin out of here before he is killed so they create a diversion and Írel and Leosin climb up the steep rocky hill to safety as Krusk and Artifax keep watch and make their way up shortly after.
Moving down the road being chased by a party from the camp now, they hear them catching up, so they all try to hide. Leosin silently runs off undetected, Írel and Artifax make good use of some foliage to hide themselves. Krusk didn’t do such a great job, finding a tree that was slightly bigger than one of his legs to hide behind, the other two knew they were in trouble. After some great axe swinging, fireball scorching, and arrow splitting action, the heroes prevailed and survived the battle, but there were more coming so they needed to move, and move quickly.


Thrakk tyler_sprigg19

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