Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Cows Gotta Splode, Gnomes Gotta Swim

I remember that I was just relaxing… laying in the back of the boat with the ladies most of the ride to Baldur’s Gate. Jameth was in the front of the boat looking at his reflection in the water. Krusk was doing pilates on the deck. Irel was on my left and Azrael was on my right… Things were about to get interesting… Then I woke up with a start…

The reality of the situation was a little stranger. It seemed that the two familiars were cuddled into me, instead of the ladies. Krusk was snoring loudly nearby, and I heard Jameth ask the captain if he had “ever heard of his family.” The ladies were actually scouting the shoreline for danger. It was they that had raised the alert.

As we all came to attention at the front of the boat, we saw two ogres on a bridge. They had put spikes in the water to catch sailors that wouldn’t pay the toll. Being the cheapskates that we are, we weren’t about to pay the toll. [“Roll Initiative.”]

We tried tricking the ogres, but damn, they were smart ogres. They threw a cow and it exploded on us, knocking the captain in the water. I jumped in after him and hit a rock. Some crocodiles showed up and munched on on Azreal (I can’t blame them). She managed to blast one off and teleport away from another. A majority of the actual fighting was done by Irel, Krusk, and Jameth.

After the enemies were dispatched, and the spikes were removed from the water, we continued on our journey to Baldur’s Gate. There we will meet with Castellan Escobert the Red onboard of the Low Tunnel ship… and I can finally get another drink.


Thrakk jrodthehitman

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