Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Artifax Casts Twitter Storm

Episode 3, Session 5

@leosin Back to the fucking raider camp! #omg #someonebetterpaybigtime

Hoping that @irel and @krusk just want to drink at @greenest #tigercloakstaketime

Wondering if @krusk wouldn’t mind carrying me #thatisalongtrip

Looks like most of the #badguys have moved on @irel and @krusk want to walk right in the front door! #gnomesdonotlikefrontdoors

Holy shit I can make a #pseudodragon appear and do what I want. What up @meep. #familiarsrock

I like the way @irel looks in her cultist disguise. #gnomesdigtallwomen

None of these cultists know where the main party went. Now we are going into the cave to find out answers #bogusdeathtrap

Let’s see what these #levelthree powers can do to these #dragonclaw.

#damnitfeelsgoodtobeagansta Enough said. Shout out to @irel and @krusk

Some weird fungi ahead? Naked screaming dude hung upside down? #peaceimout Let’s go explore somewhere else.

@meep Thanks for letting us know there are a million guys down that hall that @irel just charged down.

Welcome to the hot gates #badguy bitches where your “vast numbers won’t count for shit!” @leonidas would be proud

@frulam ok that was a good shot, but we aren’t against taking pot shots at you

@frulam that’s right run away and @irel will chase you… down that secret passageway

.@langdedrosa is down here? @krusk can you grab @irel out of there and let’s #runaway

.@irel and @krusk Let’s see if we can make it out of here alive #dogoodguysgetlaidmore


Thrakk jrodthehitman

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