Hoard of the Dragon Queen

A Mysterious Stranger Approaches

Episode 3, Session 7

The story resumes with our heroes standing outside the room where Irel nearly led them to their imminent doom. While Krusk, Irel, and Artifax are debating whether or not they should go back down the passage, they begin to hear someone approaching down the corridor behind them. The group took up their positions, prepared for another fight. Instead of cultist reinforcements, a small half-elf rounded the corner dragging a small imp. After questioning and feeding the mysterious half-elf Azrael, it is decided she is of no threat, and joins the group.

In the next room, Azrael’s skills are immediately showcased as she dispatches most of the enemies left guarding the chest. After the fight, Artifax was thoroughly impressed with Azrael’s magical prowess, and Irel was salivating at the prospect of finally getting her hands on the chest tucked away in the corner of the room.

While attempting to open the chest Irel manages to nearly kill everyone by setting off a booby trap and filling the room with acid. Artifax is knocked unconscious, and carried to safety by Krusk who keeps muttering “I told you so. What did I tell you?” Once safely out of the room, the group takes a short rest to gather themselves and wait for the noxious acid to clear the room.

After re-entering the room, Tom finally proves himself worthy and is able to open the chest without any further incidents. Inside the chest are all of Tom’s belongings, as well as a string of pearls, a gold sapphire ring, and 6 gems all valued at a total of 1,200 gold.

As the group enters the next room, they do not make it far before they are ambushed by an injured Frulam and a band of kobolds. Artifax manages to put every kobold to sleep as Krusk and Irel tuck tail and run. Then Azrael steps up again to show off her abilities. With a single spell, she puts an end to Frulam and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

After the battle, the group makes an unlikely ally in Al Roper by feeding him the sleeping Kobolds and convincing him they are here to pick up the dragon eggs hiding in the back of the room. Al shows his gratitude by single handedly taking out the three guard drakes standing watch over the eggs. Irel and Artifax destroy two of the eggs, while Krusk hauls the third to safety in the previous room.

After Krusk hides the remaining dragon egg, he scans the room to make sure everyone got away safely and to see if they were being followed by Al. As he looks around the room taking a head count of his allies he notices Azrael standing off in the corner of the room with her imp. As she stood there she took out a piece of parchment from her pack and stared at the paper with a confused look on her face. She then scribbled violently at something on the parchment, and returned the paper to her pack before rejoining the group.


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