Artifax on Mt Celestial

Artifax travels the ethereal plane, and as he does so he begins to recall everything about his real past as a dragon. Eventually you find yourself in the lawful good plane of Celestia, ruled over by the God Torm, it is the home of Bahamut. And there he stands in front of you in all his Majesty, with Torm himself standing beside him, and you look upon yourself and see that you have recovered your draconic form. And he utters the words you did not even recall you were waiting to hear but that drive your every action: “Artifax, you have done well. I have watched you as you struggled against the forces of evil gathering down below. You and you’re valiant comrades have stopped many an evil, more than I ever expected. Receive then my full pardon for your transgressions and my blessing and welcome to stay here on Mount Celestia with me. You will be one of my generals and aid me in the eternal struggle against Tiamat, for you have passed my trials and I deem you worthy.”

Artifax looks upon his true self. He finally feels at rest. The internal struggle that is his every motivation is gone. He is at that moment an even more true self than he was before his banishment. Dragon tears of happiness welled in his massive copper colored eyes. His eyes travel toward both Torm and his beloved general, Bahamut. When their eyes meet he is about to speak of his trials and his great thanksgiving. But there is a nagging at his soul. He remembers fearun and his friends. He remembers Jameth protecting him with his shield. Krusk and Irel- his first friends. Azreal in the moments they shared their evocative casting. He pauses…

I have died… It was a good death. But what of my comrades? Artifax thinks of all he has learned of himself and of the world in his short time as a mortal. “There is a battle raging in Faearun… Of course you know this, my lord… I mean, what will happen to them without me to protect them?”

Your first task shall be to keep watch on them and protect them extraplanar threats. They have started to attract attention from powerful forces, and their material tasks are too important to allow interference from outside.
If that is your wish, of course I will obey… But I hope that I have not seen them for the last time. What will you have me do my lord?
I will grant you a chance to return and say farewell. He turns to Torm. “I believe one of yours is with the group, my Lord. Would you do me the great favor of giving him forewarning?” Torm nods and vanishes.

Thank you lord.

Artifax on Mt Celestial

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