Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Meet the Fuckers
Episode 1, Session 1

The story of Artifax, Írel Graymane, and Krusk begins on the road to a town called Greenest. It is a story like any other… A gnome stalks a beautiful elf warrior thinking that she was somehow a sign from a dragon god. They argue. A nearby half orc joins in the banter. Lasting memories are created when they are mugged by a dragon cult… Classic!

It is after this intial battle, where the heros fight off the cultist muggers, that a deeper connection begins to develop. Krusk, the half orc dual wielding silent type, seems to enjoy battles and collecting bounties more than most. Artifax, the possibly psychotic gnome wizard, loves tall women and burning things (including people). Írel Graymane, the elf archer, is a dangerous riddle wrapped in a very enigmatic trio.

Together they fight for good, justice… and bounty, and redemption. The people of Greenest won’t soon forget the actions of this motley band of adventurers. Nay, the lord himself owes the heroes a debt of thanks for capturing a cultist member for interrogation.

What’s ahead for these adventurers? There is sure to be more explosions, face breaking, impalements, inappropriate antics, and witty banter. Stay tuned!


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