Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Ugh... It's Been A Long Day

Episode 4, Session 22

Azrael carries her bag and a pint of ale to an empty table in the far back corner of the bar. She pulls a stack of parchment out and begins to write, huffing between sips of ale.

… The day started out well, I suppose. We visited a priest who helped us to identify the rod I now carry. Hopefully I will not become as attached to it as Jameth seems to be to his halberd… Am I the only one who has noticed this strange behavior?

After we left the temple, we headed out toward Waterdeep and tried to catch up with the caravan. At one point, we heard rustling in a large patch of shrubbery and decided we should look into it. I offered to use telekinesis to rustle the leaves and see if maybe it might spook whatever is in there to come out, but of course, Irel decided she would rather just shoot at the bush. Jamna was in the bush… Irel’s arrow hit her in the shoulder and that ended up getting pretty infected. She’s up in the room resting now. I cannot say I remember why she said she was in the bush to begin with. She mentioned to us earlier though that she was caught by the cultists while she was snooping around and she killed one of them. She also said now they are under the impression that she is with our group… Fantastic.

We attempted to continue our journey to Waterdeep, but were slowed down when we came across a group of lizardfolk selling humans. We did not agree with the idea of people selling humans, but I did feel that they were only trying to make a living. At least, that is how it seemed at first. Either way, Irel decided to shoot one of them… of course, so it did not matter. We later found out from the now free humans that the lizardfolk were taking them to a black dragon to be sacrificed. Its name escapes me at the moment.

“ When you’ve bled Daggerford dry, send your cache to the
Carnath Roadhouse and turn it over to Bog Luck.”
- Rezmir

I cannot remember what brought up the note that we found on Toothless Reuben, but Carnath Roadhouse was on our way and we decided to stop by. The names “Bog Luck” and “Rezmir” are on my father’s list… They are the last two after that Frulam woman and I want to see that they meet their end just as she did.

Upon arriving at the inn, we were greeted in the front room. Someone was telling us about the place, but to be honest I was lost in thought and looking around rather than paying attention. I happened to notice a man on the balcony for a moment. He did not look happy to see us, but I didn’t recognize him from anywhere. Perhaps we can confront him later.

Also, it should be noted that that “Bog Luck” man gave me an odd look when I first met him. The name meant next to nothing until just a moment ago, but his face… I remember it. I remember that he was there when my mother had my father carve Teivel’s name into my arm. How could I have forgotten that someone else was in the room that night?…

I hope I did not show any recognition on my face and give anything away. I don’t feel I should be alone here. It isn’t safe. Especially considering how many of his guards he has roaming the halls. I think I’ll stay near the half-orc, paladin, and fire happy wizard for as long as I can while we’re here. Artifax and Jameth are already 4 pints in each and are telling the guards all about Artifax’s last drunken night that ended with a block of Baulder’s Gate burnt to a crisp. It is fine with me that at least the last two have a habit of being rowdy. I don’t think I’ll be able to get much sleep tonight anyway.


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