Hoard of the Dragon Queen

That's A Nice Rod

The group was on the search for a bandit named Toothless Reuben and they found their selves in a cove with tons of bandits and archers. It took some real strategy to keep their distance while still disposing of the foes. There was only one issue, we couldn’t see Toothless Reuben anywhere, he was hidden somewhere and if he found one of us before we found him, things could go badly.

Azrael and Jameth were hiding together and taking things slow until Jameth met the ground, a familiar place for the cocky paladin. Thank the gods for Flint Magnusson for his mass healing spell because everyone was starting to need the energy to continue this assault. Oriander was stealthing from bush to bush and taking her slashes on the enemies when they were close. She was looking for Toothless but his ability to stealth was better than what she expected, she ran into a bush and was looking around and out of nowhere out of the darkness, there he was Toothless slashing away.

After some help from the new friends Flint, Oriander, and Ser Llanfair the fraction of the group in this fight ended victoriously and with heavy pockets full of loot. The most interesting thing the group found in the cove was an unidentified rod that Azrael was drawn to. That girl is strange, she always feels drawn to things and nobody knows why, she is so mysterious and odd. The group ventured back to meet with Krusk, Irel, and Artifax to complete this quest so that they can catch up to the caravan. When they returned, Krusk and Irel just looked at each other and grinned because on this day, nobody died….


Thrakk tyler_sprigg19

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