Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Level 3 Spells Are Bullshit

Session 27

Women are late to everything. Last we left our party, the guys were waiting on the ladies once again. Irel and Azrael decided to “freshen up” in the one body of water they found in the castle. This time, it turned out that this body of water had a tentacle porn monster swimming in it. Irel pulled a David Carradine with that creature before the guys nagged them into finishing their swim at a later time.

A rest was needed after that. The crew found an abandoned room and relaxed (while they tried staying away from the stinkier members of the party). When Rezmir and Dralmorrer Borngray began speaking outside the door, the heroes readied for battle. Azreal turned Jameth invisible and he followed Rezmir to the Hunting Lodge (through the portal). The rest of the group decided to explore.

They saved a young Tiamat cultist named Luc, and faced off against Borngray. That fight was a trial in and of itself. Both Azrael and Artifax fell in the fight, but the victory went to the good guys thanks to the strong arms of Krusk and Irel.

Right before dusk, the group wandered into Rezmir’s room. Between that room and Borngray’s many magic items and insider cult information was found. The group now had the password to make the portal to the Hunting Lodge work. Of course it wouldn’t have been a successful looting session if Irel had not injured herself with a chest trap.

The characters rested quickly once night set in and prepared for the approaching lizardfolk assault on the bullywugs. Afterward, the heroes will escort Azrael to her destiny. She has a list, and is going to check it twice. For in Fearun Santa has a pet imp, and if you have been naughty, she will stick an eldridge blast up your ass and laugh.


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